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The Cash Rota system.

An overview of the system:

The Cash side of the system is designed to read in all the details of the cash and card transactions for the working sessions of a given day. These details are mainly manually entered by the manager, till figures, banking figures, what is in the safe.

These days it is common for pubs and hotels to use EPOS systems, and they often have a way to access the sales data they hold for any given day, often it is also possible to download this data in some way, so comparison can be made between what the EPOS system thinks happened, and what actually happened in the front of house.
Useful for example if instead of actual deposits being taken on a credit card, only a preauthorization has been taken. For the operator it may look like it processed correctly, but no money transferred, so no actual deposit was taken.

We have integrated with some EPOS solutions, so we can automatically download sales data, for later analysis.
Just to note generally EPOS sales data is normally only available the next working day.

The Rota part of this system holds details about employees, their job title, roles within this location, and other roles in other locations.
The Roles can hold a rate of pay, for the purposes of allowing the local manager estimate staff costs in advance.

The actual rota side of the system evolved whilst working with a pub manager, as to how best to enter time slots for emplyees within the rota, which came down to entering time with a hyphen ie 11-14.
Additionally, templates can be used to set a default rota pattern, or just duplicating previous days rotas to save manual entry.

Part of the system can be setup to send SMS texts to all staff, or all rota'd staff members. By default it would send the weeks shift pattern for the staff member.
But additionally the ability to just send an SMS message to certain staff, for example to ask if anyone is free to work a session, as extra cover is required.

This system has been designed to work in an environment where the company actually has multiple venues, and so any and all data is location specific, so any reporting and data entry is all related to as specific venue, be that a pub, a wedding venue or a hotel.

Screen by screen details:

The Cash System

To operate the cash rota system, you need to login to the system with your own user id and password, this will then set the permissions you have to use the system.
The System is split into 4 sections, Cash, Rota, Reporting and configuration.
Most users will not use the configuration pages when using the software.

Till configuration
Within the configuration pages, this is where at any one location, you set up what tills you have, and what sessions you run with.
So the example has 4 tills, and 2 sessions per day.
Also you can specify what type of sales occur at these tills.
The lower list is generated from the previous lists, giving all the unique sales data that might be entered in. These can be turned off, if not required.

Till Counter
At the end of day, the totals for each till are to be added up, and entered into this record.

The sales figures should be entered on this page as per the configuration.
On some systems, a set of POS system sales data has been acquired automatically, and will be shown on the right hand side list for comparison.
If required, this can be modified to automatically fill in the sales figures by session.
This is also where discount information can be entered.

Cards Cash
This is just a breakdown of the card sales sold, and the cash is brought through from the sales.
You will see that also deposits redeemed are entered here.

Safe Counter
To keep track of what is stored within the safe, figures are entered here.

When cash is banked, this is where you put in the figures, and this then shows the current cash to be found on site.

The Rota System

The system holds employee records for the purpose of the local manager being able to manage their staff member.
The job Title, and Job roles are used within the rota system, and the rate of pay is used to estimate costs for a given rota.
The rates are generally an indicative rate, to give the forecast a close resemblance to the truth, but are not necessarily the pay rate for that employee... but can be...
A photo maybe stored here for identification.

Rota view
The rota view has been designed with the aid of a long standing pub manager, with emphasis on speed of entry, and visibility.
Job tasks are colour coded. Days off can be marked with a simple right click. Specific Holidays or other days off work can be entered also.
Totals are shown at the bottom, when happy the rota can be locked down, preventing further changes.
Whole rota shifts can be copied from previous weeks, also there are four templates that can also be copied into this week's rota.

Rota entry, or edit
The rota entry screen is designed around a quick entry box at the top, where a simple 9-16 will create the required record from 9am to 4pm.
On a selected entry, it is possible to manually tweak the entry, although rarely used.

Holiday or work location swap entry window
There is a separate holiday entry screen, so that a block of holidays can be entered quickly.

Send SMS
The system is designed to use a SMS by email account to send SMS texts to staff.
This is to send the Rota for that staff member, so they know what they are doing that week.
But can also be used to send a message, i.e. requesting who is available right now to come in and do a shift, as it just got very busy.

Task Totals
This is one of the summary screens showing the manager the % split of staff on the rota.
There is a similar one showing a forecast cost of the rota.

Graphical view of the kitchen shift for Monday...
There is another view of today's rota, sometimes a graphical view of who is on, highlights gaps in the cover.

Configuration Options

Pub Details
Details for each pub using the system is entered here.

Credit Cards available to use at a pub
Creates the list of available credit cards on the cards cash screen.

Profile permissions
Multiple profiles can be setup to limit specific users to only be able to access certain parts of the system.

User definition
Every user of the system should be entered in here, so that each one can have their own password and be setup with a unique profile for them if required.

Lookup configuration
This sets up the system controls behind the scene, so, one that most users will never see, but in the initial setting up there maybe things that you would like to set, ie the colour for individual pub tasks.

If you have a project that you would like to talk to us about, please feel free to contact us, giving some of the details, whereby we will arrange to get back with you, probably to talk face to face with you about your requirements.