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The Food Database system.

An overview of the system:

This system holds the details of the dishes that you use in your establishment, it was designed to be used by the chefs, so that when they came back to this dish, they could recreate it, and see a picture as to how to plate it. Assuming you want to replicate the dish entirely.

For any dish then we need to know the ingredients, the preperation method, and then some photos of the completed dish.
Additionally, we need to know some further information, like the cost price, and the selling price, leading to Gross Profit figures, to fit in with your company policy.
Also, we might want to store information regarding health and safety, and any specified allergens, clearly this is known allergens in the dish as opposed to those possibly picked up in the kitchen.
This information is then available when deciding on your menu, or just when printing out the details of a dish.

The menu is divided into sections, as any menu is, and the dishes within your system can then be dragged into any section to place the dish onto your menu.
Once the menu has been setup, you can then print out the menu for the front of house, and we have before now caused this printout to update the company website with the current menu of the day.
After a session has been completed, the number sales of each dish can be recorded, this will provide you with food sales figures, leading to an estimate GP% for each session.
Since each dish will have the sales numbers recorded, these figures can be shown on the dish page, to indicate the success of the dish, and which session it works best in.

Screen by screen details:

The Menu entry

To operate the menu food system, you need to login to the system with your own user id and password, this will then set the permissions you have to use the system.
The System is split into 2 sections, Menus and Food as well as configuration.
Most users will not use the configuration pages when using the software.

In the configuration section, you can define what sections you want to use within your menus.
These will then be presented to you to expand and fill with dishes that you have entered into the system.
So, literally dragging the dish from the right onto the menu, where it is you want it.
After a service, covers can be entered, whereupon costs and GP will be calculated.

The Dish Entry screens

Here we can add details about a dish we have created, the ingredients, how to prepare it, how to serve it, and indeed a picture of what you expect to create.

As required these days, HACCP information is stored with the dish...

As is key allergen information, known to be within the dish.

After the dish has been used, there is a screen to show you some details about when it was used, how many people bought it, so some statistics to let you know how successful it is, what time of day its best to have it on a menu... etc.

At this moment in time, the stock entry is a basic entry screen, for the purpose of being able to build up costs for the dishes.

If you have a project that you would like to talk to us about, please feel free to contact us, giving some of the details, whereby we will arrange to get back with you, probably to talk face to face with you about your requirements.