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Suppliers of bespoke software solutions.
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Software Solutions.

We have created many desktop based solutions over the many years we have been developing solutions, to give you an example of the kind of work we have undertaken, we detail a few of our projects here:

Some things we have done:

An Independant financial Advisors system: we created a replacement solution that is used to hold details for the business and tasks and documents associated with clients.

  • Storage of Client data.
  • Storage of Policy data and recommendations made to the client per policy.
  • Storage of Mortgage data and recommendations made to the client per mortgage.
  • Linked document management either for Client, Policy or Mortgage.

A pub management system: we created a number of integrated internal solutions to work within a multi pub company. The head office accumulated the figures and controlled payroll, along with the ability to rota roving chefs at any one of their pubs...

  • Rotas System for each pub, and roving chefs over all pubs.
  • Food database, which also created the days menu, and printed out the menu for the day, and updated the website menu of the day, for each pub.
  • Stock Control.
  • Pub Wages calculations, and cross pub loan workers.
  • HR system, keeping control of all personnel in the whole group.
  • Dish directory, a holding place for all dishes created around all the pubs, a quick lookup for a chef looking for inspiration.

A funeral management system: we created an application for use by any Funeral director in the UK, it was designed to be configurable by a funeral director to their own requirements, thier own charging billing methods, and then reporting layouts...

  • System allowed for control over separate charge lines.
  • All reporting went through a standard report generator, allowing a user to create their own layout design for specified reports, and in addition the ability to create adhoc reports for any need they required.
  • User Permissions can be controlled to a finite degree, in that a group can be allowed to only see or change specific data, whilst others can see and do everything, all of which is (admin) user defined.
  • Licensing model required the use of online data counters, so that a per use pricing model could be used.
  • As such the licence could be revoked online, and the ability to run the application ceased, as required by the reseller.

If you have a project that you would like to talk to us about, please feel free to contact us, giving some of the details, whereby we will arrange to get back with you, probably to talk face to face with you about your requirements.