PH Software

Suppliers of bespoke software solutions.
also hosting and email solution provider.

Website development.

There are a few ways to create website, a quick and cheaper way is to use an environment like WordPress, this gives us the opportunity to create a relatively basic website quickly and consequently, cheaply.

Sometimes though, this is just not good enough for the requirements at hand, and as such for more complicated sites, we use an environment called Laravel, a framework within PHP... this gives us the flexibility to create complex solutions as required by our clients.

Some things we have done:

Wordpress sites: we have created a number of sites using WordPress, sites that are basic, have mainly static content, along with some contact us form, or company location information.

Laravel sites: we have fewer laravel sites, they are only required in special circumstances, this site being one of them...

What you are reading is the static part of our website, but hidden behind the innocuous login buttons at the top, hide pages linking to third party payment services, and, well, other stuff you can't really do with Word Press, as good as that is.

If you have a website to be built that you would like to talk to us about, please feel free to contact us, giving some of the details, whereby we will arrange to get back with you, probably to talk face to face with you about your requirements.